My name is Kaaren

I currently live in the rainforest in the Northern Rivers NSW

Ive been a Yoga and Dance Teacher for  27 years

During the 1980’s I spent many years travelling to India to study with some of Indias famous and esteemed Yoga Teachers. I soon became a Yoga Teacher, instructing both adults and children in the wonderful benefits of the Yoga practice. Continuing to teach and practice yoga I discovered just how beneficial the practice was for my ever growing passion for Latin Dancing. I decided to create a program of Yoga for Dancers which I have been teaching at Latin Dance Festivals and Congresses in Australia. On my recent trips to Cuba I have begun to teach Yoga to Cubans.

I fell in love with Cuban Rhythms and music about 10 years ago and started  teaching  Salsa dancing. I have been teaching dance classes, choreographing performances, working with Latin Dance and Cultural Events . I love nature, art, beaches, forests,deserts, sustainable practices, cultural and spiritual expression.

In 2011 & 2012 I travelled to  Cuba  spending 6 months to further my experience of Cuban Music, Dance and Culture. I attended the professors program at the International Baila en Cuba Dance Congress in Havana in Nov 2011 studying the many generes of Cuban Cultural Dance. From here having decided which styles of dance Id like to study furher I travelled the island dancing with some of Cubas best teachers and dancing to some of the best music Cuba has on offer..Every province in Cuba has its own flavor of dance styles and musical and cultural expression. It is truely a feast for dance and music enthusiasts. As I love places rich in nature I visited some stunning beaches where the azure blue waters of the Carribean are warm and full of great snorkling opportunities. The beach atmosphere is totally relaxing and rejuvenating.The mountain air fresh water cascades are home to stunning bird life and a nice way to take a quick break from the street life of Cubas main cities. Most nights I spent dancing to some of the world best Cuban Music in the intimate surrounds of famous dance halls and historical venues, in local parks and on the streets. Everyone in Cuba will dance with you any where and at any time no matter where the music is coming from. The people are friendly and open.  The weather is warm & tropical, the rum is smooth  the fruits are sweet and juicey and the home cooking is tasty and very nurturing. Cubans love to eat, dance and live life for the moment. For me Cuba is a fusion of everything that makes me happy and gives me a feeling of being very ALIVE !

I want to share this experience with you.

Take a look at my Class timetables and Events page. If you want to join me on a Tour to Cuba all the details are included on the Cuba Tour page

I have created a full program of dance classes & festivities with Cubas best teahers and professors, live music, beach activities, city & nature tours. Accomodation is with Cuban families in comfortable houses with home cooked breakfasts and friendly people who will make it there business to make sure all your needs are met. I have a wonderful network of Cuban, teachers, dancers, musicians and hostswho will make your journey  an enriching and memorable experience.

I look forward to meeting with you and sharing this part of our truely rich and wonderful life with you

Kaaren X

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