Hi! My name is Kaaren

I currently live in the rainforest in the Northern Rivers NSW. Australia

Ive been a Yoga and Dance Teacher for  35 years

I fell in love with Cuban Dance and Music about 20 years ago after exploring a number of Latin style dances So I started  teaching  Cuban Style Salsa. Of course I had to go to Cuba! I have just taken my 13th journey to Cuba spending another 4 months studying Cuban Dance styles, Cuban life and Culture. Whilst in Australia i continue to teach Cuban Style Dance Classes & workshops and host regular Latin Dance parties. Recently I have been working with clients in drug and alcohol rehabilitation using dance as a method for healing. I am also working on presenting Tantra Yoga workshops using partner dancing as the model

Every year I offer Dance Music & Cultural Tours to Cuba for dancers to deepen their dance experience and journey into the heart of Cuba and its culture. We live , learn, and enjoy Cuban festivities with the local people and professionally trained dancers. After many years of living in Cuba I can offer you a Cuban experience that is authentic and very different to the usual “tourist” type of holiday.

On my yearly travels to Cuba I collect new dance content and the latest releases of Cuban music which I then share with my students and dancers so there is always something fresh and new!.

My knowledge of Yoga also serves my students as I incorporate movement techniques to awaken their bodies and my training in personal development encourages my students to express themselves openly and freely within the framework of the dance. Choreographed performance instills a sense of self confidence and personal achievement.

I love nature, art, clean living, swimming ,snorkelling, beach & bush walks and camping  dancing, yoga, community and travel.

I look forward to meeting YOU one day soon.

Kaaren X

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