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 16 days

OCTOBER 10th – 26th   2018



cuba 2018 m2


Living Learning and playing with the locals of Cuba

Most days we will be taking classes in all the aspects of Cuban Dancing including Salsa, Son, Rueda de casino. Rumba , Folkloric and also Bachata & Kizomba with some of Cubas best teachers and dancers. As these dances originated in different parts of Cuba we will travel there, live there and learn there. In the evenings we will attend the famous dance halls and clubs of Cuba to put our new dancing skills to the test…with other Cuban dancers..You will have your very own personal Cuban dance partners for classes who are all professional and accomplished dancers


We will be living and eating with Cuban families so that you can learn all about life in Cuba and how the culture permeates into everyday Cuban life


Ive been living and working on and off in Cuba for the past 7 years and have collected a fabulously diverse set of dancers, musicians and artists, not to mention some interesting everyday characters who love to share their specialities and insights These experiences are unique to my journey in Cuba and I am delighted to be sharing with them you


Apart from all the cultural experiences we will be taking in some of the natural sites that this Caribbean island has to offer like turquoise clear waters and sandy beaches, tropical forests and waterfalls, national parks and clear water rivers. We will be snorkelling, horse riding and  getting about in some of those old American cars (maquinas)

You will be awestruck by the incredible architecture, colours and street life of Cubas cities.and the tranquility of the laid back pace in the rural towns and countryside


Guaranteed not to disappoint, this will an intimate and memorable Cuban experience!


If you love Culture, Music, Dance , Art & Nature then you are going to love this journey I have created for you…I am so looking forward to sharing this unforgettable experience with YOU!

Check out The Itinerary page to see what we will be doing every day…dance classes, tours, family stays parties etc….


Its going to be so much FUN!

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  1. Hola……no es posible par mi . Yo no tengo mucho plata a momento y a la mismo tiempo, yo preferio vaccione trabajando en Buenos Aires . Trabajar es quieto aqui a momento, y tengo muchas cuentas co m i coche y todo en generaly.Despuses mi tiempo en BA mi falta voy a Ecuador y Venezuala (muy cerca a cuba) a visitarle mi muy buena amiga Maletdy Pinero.Posiblamente el ano viene si tengo las plata…..para tres semanas en Cuba…..cuanto es?
    Buena Suerte
    Senor Raymondo
    Ps……..muchas gracias para la invitacion 🙂

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