5th Oct – 10th Nov


 HAVANA img_1822Cuba’s capital city sits proud on the edge of the sparkling, crystalline waters of the Caribbean. Its romantic and infectious energy are legendary. Vintage American cars, colonial palaces, artists studios, Che Guevara iconography, Havana Club Rum, Cohiba Cigars and all night parties are unique to this eclectic city. Take a stroll along the Malecon as waves crash over the side walk, enjoy an afternoon mojito whilst listening to live music  in the afternoon, dance in the famous  music halls, or admire the clever reconstruction of architectural masterpieces. Experience the magic of this city that never sleeps.


  • Daily 2 x 1 hr dance classes & musicality   – salsa casino & other styles- folkloric, rumba, cha cha cha, son, reggaton & kizomba. Also, lectures and experiences in Cuban musicality so you will gain an understanding of the rhythms,timing and instrumentation that drives the different dance styles

  • Havana tour, Museums etc, Beach tour, Folkloric Institute

  • Dance nights at Casa del a Musica and various night clubs plus Obini Bata concert

TRINIDAD –  We will take a private car  to this charming French colonial town frozen in time. The pretty pastel painted houses, palaces and plazas, the cobbled stone streets and horse drawn carts make a perfect stage for a band of relaxed musicians who will play whilst the sun sets over the ocean. A backdrop of mountains and a long , white, sandy, palm fringed beach nearby summon a feeling of tranquility. This is the perfect place to slow down and re energize whilst continuing to dance.


  • Folkloric Dance Class                                                                                   

  • Horse ride to waterfalls in mountains, sample fresh mountain coffee and sugarcane juice

  • Reef Snorkling Guided Tour

  • City and Ceramic Factory Tour

  • Nights of dancing and cultural performances at Trova, Casa del a Musica 



4478213-Musica_Eternamente_en_Plaza_Dolores_Santiago_de_CubaA days bus ride passing through the towns of Camaguey, Las Tunas, Holguin , Bayamo and crossing the highest mountain range in The Orient of Cuba, The Sierra Maestra will land us in Cuba’s second largest city in the southeast of the island. This exotic city exudes culture and color. Nestled under a range of mountains and hugging the bank of a river inlet from the Caribbean Sea you will be charmed amidst a mixture of baroque and neoclassical architecture. It is here, in the cradle of The Orient that you will find most of Cubas musical genres The people are friendly, expressive and very passionate about their music and dance and have time to connect and communicate. The roots of Cuban dance and music are alive and well in the streets and dance halls.


  •    2hr daily dance Classes in Salsa Casino & Son with a dash of folkloric & rumba moves, live percussion and lots of fun on the terraces of Sandunga Dance School

  • Specialist Son class with one of Santiago Son Masters

  •    City & Carnival Museum Tour , Beach and Mountain adventures

  • Visit El Cobre to pay homage to Cubas Patron Saint

  • Ferry ride on the river to Matamoro with dancing on board

  •    Dance to live music at Casa De La Trova, Salon del Son, Artex , Casa Grande, Matamoro and other  nightly hot spots. Join in the cultural events in the streets, cafes and parks of Santiago de Cuba.

  • Meet local famous musicians see spectacular local dance performances

BARACOA The 5 hr bus ride from Santiago takes us through the lush tropical mountains of the Guantanamo province to the cacao plantations ,national parks and beaches of Baracoa. This is a very laid back village with quaint music houses, great food, cultural street performances, breathtaking mountainous views,beautiful beaches, friendly folk and CHOCOLATE. This is the home of Cubas chocolate industry and the dance of Changui. Enjoy the sweetness, the nature, the beaches and the traditional music by the sea




  •    Cacao  Plantation, Chocolate Making & River Tour

  •   Night Dancing at Trova House & Other Music Houses

 HAVANA –      Return by plane to Havana and enjoy the familiarity and faster pace of life. The program will wind down with a  day and 2 nights of dancing or listening to jazz music and eating in famous Cuban Restaurants There will be opportunities to catch up on some shopping  or relax at the beaches close to Havana City. The FINAL NIGHT  will be a surprise!

The tour concludes after breakfast on 26th October

Stay on in Cuba or continue your travels elsewhere



Casa Particulares..Cuban Homes with Cuban Families

Your room will have double / queen bed, air conditioner, private bathroom

Very comfortable, Safe & Friendly





You will need to arrange your own flights to Havana Cuba.

If travelling from Australia the suggested route is via USA  (LA or Dallas) and Mexico (City or Cancun) and then onto Havana. Check with your travel agent

Included in the tour are 10 evening group meals in some of the homes where we will be staying. Family cooked meals are some of the best in Cuba where you can enjoy local cuisine and hospitality

To MAXIMIZE your experience I am limiting the number of participants to 10 people. This will ensure an atmosphere of intimacy and personal attention.

No matter what LEVEL of dancing you are up to we cater for YOU

This TOUR is designed for you to just arrive in HAVANA with your suitcase of clothes, shoes and personal items – Transport, Dance Classes,  Accommodation and Cultural Events are arranged for your enjoyment

There will be time every day to enjoy the beaches, museums, art galleries and other experiences of interest

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  1. Hi kaaren, your salsa study tour is exactly the kind of thing I have been looking for. Are there still any places available on the tour?

    • Hi Ilona,

      Thank you for your inquiry about Salsa Calientes Dance Tour to Cuba this November.

      Yes are there still places available on the tour.
      If you wolud like to email me for further information or speak with me in person please call me on
      02 66 840222 – home number (if no answer on mobile)
      0432 596806 – mobile

      I look forward to speaking with you soon.

      Salsa Caliente Australia

    • Hi Maggie Yes there is another Tour in November 2013. Dates are Nov 9 -30th. The itinerary will be a little different but still focuses on dance and music with definite time in Havana Santiago and Trinidad. The price may vary slightly. Ill be taking bookings for November Tour after April. Check in to the website again soon as Im doing an upgrade. Email me for more info if you like.
      Thanks for your enquiry. Kaaren x

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